“Knowing the power of Christ from within, where Christ is the answer.”
Welcome to the Biblical Christian Counseling Ministry of Calvary Bisbee. We are grateful that you are inviting us into your life at this time. It is never easy to ask for help. We admire the courage, faith, and humility this first step represents on your part. It is our prayer that God will bless this step and use our time together to build more hope and direction into your life.
We are available to support families, couples, individuals, adults, young adults, and youth as they navigate through addiction, marriage, suicide, domestic violence, child abuse, high-risk behaviors and concerning behaviors.
If you are in an emergency situation, call 911.
Kevin Mills, Christian Counselor
(520) 220-1239
If you’re ready to move forward with counseling:
Complete our intake form, which is strictly confidential and is used to get to know your needs and situation better.
Schedule an appointment or get any outstanding questions answered by contacting Kevin Mills, Christian Counselor.
Our mission is to provide short term counseling, targeted, biblical Christian counsel for life’s struggles to people from Calvary Bisbee Church and its community.
Our vision is short term, happening over 2 to 4 (one hour) sessions in a period of 2 to 3 months (in most cases).
Our goal is to make the gospel relevant by connecting members in our church community to the life-transforming power of Jesus Christ.
Our commitment is to help others glorify God in their thoughts, words and actions through a community of faith.